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Individual Therapy

At some point each of us will have to face challenging, hurtful or confusing events in our lives. Major events such as: the loss of a loved one,  separation or breakup, illness, loss of a job, relocation or even feelings of hopelessness with no provoking factor. We might not see a way forward, therapy can be a helpful vessel  for enabling the processing of overwhelming feelings in a safe environment. As difficulties happen in our lives we might find that we have a tendency to go back to solutions that once helped with similar situations, although we try our best, with time, our reactions can turn into patterns that no longer serve our highest good. Therapy can help guide us to remember and/or gain new skills, enabling us to more effectively and productively face life challenges.

Couples Therapy

Relationships require work, an investment of time and energy. It’s easy to get stuck in arguments or patterns and not see a way out. Our job is to help you and your partner improve communication and your understanding of each other, and ultimately discover and choose the path toward the relationship that you want.

Family Therapy

In all families, each member has a significant role regardless of whether it is a healthy or nonproductive. Each role in the family effects and influences the roles of the other members of the family. Our goal is to help family members clarify who they want to be and how to change patterns that no longer serve the family.

Group Therapy

Group therapy brings together people who are going through similar issues including anger, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and transitions. Group therapy can be used as a sole form of treatment or in conjunction with individual, couples and/or family therapy.

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