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The Ness Counseling Center has been proudly providing visitation and exchange services for the family court system, the Department of Children and Family Service and other private agencies in the Los Angeles area. We have experience providing visitation and exchange services over long term orders. Many children have experienced successful interaction with their non-custodial parent up to the point of adulthood. We invite you to read on for more details.

In accordance with 2015 California rules of court standard 5.20 Uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation The Ness Counseling Center offers the following:

Approved Monitored Visitation

  • Clean Child Friendly Monitored
  • Trained Professional Monitors
  • Concise Visit Documentation
  • Video Secured Facility
  • Off-site Monitored Visitation Available
  • TrustLine Registered and Approved

Court Approved Child Exchange

  • Systematic Child Exchange
  • Concise Exchange Documentation
  • Video Security

Supervised Visitation

If you are referred to the Ness Center for supervised visitation by either a judge or a mediator, you are assured a safe and friendly environment for your children. We provide monitored visitations and exchanges for families experiencing separation or divorce, as well as those who have become victims of domestic violence. This can encourage a healthier parent/child relationship and at the same time ensure the safety of both adults and children.

This service decreases the chance of inappropriate behavior in front of the children, which in turn would eliminate angry moments the children may witness. A child monitor will oversee that no improper behavior occurs during the visit. The child monitor will be with the children at all times.

Monitored Visitation

The Ness Center provides a neutral setting for children to be exchanged between parties, therefore eliminating any sort of communication that would lead to inappropriate behavior.
Our warm and friendly monitors are trained to provide a caring and safe environment, looking out for the best interests of the children.

Dates and times for visitation/exchanges are based on availability and must be agreed upon and determined between both parents. Each parent will be required to fulfill an initial intake appointment; there is a non-refundable intake fee per each parent. Fees are determined on a sliding scale based upon their gross annual income. Call for appointment.

If and when requested, the court will be provided a progress report. Letters are sent to the court when necessary. *Additional fees may apply for progress reports and/or letters-and are on a case by case basis

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