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The Sexual Addictions Program led by Dennis Brown (CSAT) takes a multifaceted approach to treating sexual addiction. The 12 Step principles along with Cognitive Behavioral concepts are applied toward sexual recovery from serial infidelity and other unmanageable compulsive sex behaviors.

The program is intended to create a supportive, non judgmental and confidential environment that potentially helps promote healthy lifestyle choices.





Enrollment is open-walk in, no appointment needed: 
Mon-Thurs: 9am- 4pm
Photo identification is required
Court papers/orders required-if applicable
Fees apply
Please call 310.360.8512 for information.
Are you struggling with inappropriate materials and related behaviors which have led to addictive actions?
  • Are you struggling with the consequences of a secret intimate life or porn?
  • Are you tired of living the double life?

You are not alone! There is help! A 4-Day Intensive Program for Jewish men struggling with inappropriate materials and related behaviors will take place this winter in Beverly Hills, California, from December 24 through 27, 2018.  The Director of the program, Rabbi Dr. Meir, has worked with Recovering Addicts for the past fifteen years in numerous capacities. The program will take place at the Ness Center under the auspices of Dennis Brown, MA, NCAC II, CSAT.  Executive Director of the Ness Counseling Center, Rabbi Brown has over forty years of experience and is a specialist in the field of addiction.  The goal of the program is to break the cycle of struggle encountered while using Torah and spirituality to help understand these issues. 

Our Approach

There are very few Jewish institutions that serve people struggling with inappropriate materials and actions.  We follow a path inspired by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, the pioneer of treating compulsive struggles from a Torah perspective and integrating the 12 Steps with Judaism. 

Our Plan

A 4-Day Program which integrates the 12 Steps, Spirituality and Torah in a safe setting.  As a rabbi who has worked with many recovering addicts and studied with a student of Dr. Patrick Carnes, Rabbi Dr. Meir understands the special needs that people have when dealing with this issue.  This understanding coupled with Rabbi Brown’s immense experience in working with addicts and the Ness Center’s unparalleled work within the Community, makes the program a natural choice for those struggling with these issues.  The program includes group meetings, therapy sessions with a licensed LMFT, daily spiritual study, 12 Step meetings, pre- and post-program intake, daily physical activity, breakfast and lunch. You will also learn how to work the steps and get the help you need to start tackling this struggle.

Monday, December 10th is the final day to enroll. Don’t miss this deadline.  Some PPO insurances are accepted.  A 10% discount for cash pay clients and a $1,000 discount for everyone due to a generous donor.  The program is Mon., Dec. 24th through Thurs., Dec. 27th. Get the help.

For more information contact Rabbi Dennis Brown at 310-360-8512,, or Rabbi Dr. Meir at 818-275-1498,

All inquiries are confidential.

Sample Day Schedule

9:00     Breakfast

9:30     Group Processing

10:30   How it Works?

11:30   Snack/Break

12:00   Local 12-Step Meeting

1:30     Lunch Break

2:30     Work on 12 Steps

3:30     Walk/Break/Snack

3:45     Physical Activity: Martial Arts, Hike or Pilates

4:45     Mincha/Maariv

5:15     Torah Study on relationships

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